Adding an EPUB Book to Kindle and Other e-Readers

If you have subscribed to the newsletter, then you may want to open the e-book Claire’s Need to Know in Kindle. Here are instructions for Kindle and other e-readers

Kindle Options

On your phone: (These instructions are specific to the iPhone and may need to be adapted for other phones.)

  • Download the file and save it.
  • Then press & hold the file to open a menu.
  • Select Share.
  • Select the Kindle icon.
  • The Send to Kindle window opens.
  • Click Send.

In a few minutes, the file should appear in Kindle on your device.

On your computer:

  • Download the file and save it.
  • Go to
  • Sign into your account, if needed.
  • Drag the file into the upload box on the page, or click the Add your files button and select the file.
  • Amazon will process the file for a few minutes. You can see the status below the upload box. You may need to click the Recently sent files control to display the list (arrow pointed down.)
  • When the file is uploaded, click your name in the upper right to open the menu.
  • Select Content & Devices.
  • Select Docs in the Digital Content section of the page.
  • Click the Deliver to Device button for the file.
  • Check the device(s) you want to receive the book.
  • Click the Make Changes button.

For more option for Kindle, see the Other Ways to Send section on the Send to Kindle page.

Other Readers

Nook – see this article for two possible methods. Here are the instructions for importing to the Nook app on Windows from the official Barnes & Noble site.

Several other readers exist for phone and computer. Download and save the file. Then open the reader app. Select the functions to open the book and navigate to the downloaded file.

3 thoughts on “Adding an EPUB Book to Kindle and Other e-Readers

    1. Roy, you can convert this to a PDF format. You will find instructions on this site for several ways to view .epub files. If you view the site on a desktop, use the links in the box to the write of the opening paragraph to skip to the method you want. I’d suggest converting to PDF. If you view this on a phone, you’ll need to scroll to the right place.
      I hope this helps!

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