ACFW Genesis Contest Semi-Finalist

Thrilled to be semi-finalist in ACFW contest

I was thrilled to be selected as one of seven semi-finalists in the American Christian Fiction Writers Genesis Contest. The contest recognizes unpublished authors in several genres. The finalists and winner will be announced in mid-August. I’ll share more details after the winner is announced. (Can’t mention the title, etc., until the contest ends.)

I was pleasantly surprised to be selected. It encouraged me to improve my writing. I’ve been slaving away on another work and received good comments this week from a beta reader. She texted, “Your writing has gotten so much better! . . . It was great! Can’t wait to read book #2!” That’s high praise. Even though she is my daughter, she offers great critique of my work. (I think she likes to criticize her old man.) I’m currently putting the proposal together to begin the long process of searching for an agent for the book. Hopefully I can ship the proposal this week or next.

I will be sending the summer issue of my quarterly, email newsletter next week. It includes a new short story set in the mid-1600s. If you haven’t subscribed to the newsletter yet, now’s the time. Subscribe here.

4 thoughts on “Thrilled to be semi-finalist in ACFW contest

  1. Elmer, it has been fun reading your work as you develop your writing skills! I hope you move forward in the next round of the ACFW contest! CONGRATULATIONS on your semi-finalist achievement!

    In the short story above, my mind jumped to ancestor’s circumstances, emotions, & faith in making such a harsh and perilous journey across the ocean generations ago. The once broken relationship, repaired in the “barely made it in time” farewell, tugs on the heartstrings!

    Keep up the hard work! May our LORD bless your efforts!

    1. Thanks, Eldona. I know I’ve tried to imagine the feelings of leaving familiar surroundings for an uncertain future. Even a journey of 4-6 weeks under sail to reach the colonies — I have no experiences of traveling for similar time. It could not have been easy.

  2. I am enjoying it reading your work more and more. Your writing skills keep getting better. The balance of creating the setting and plot with the character involvement is very good. That balance keeps the reader intrigued wanting to know what will happen next.

    1. Thanks, Mary! After writing “academic” things and business communications for years, I’ve been learning how to engage people with a story. I’ve also focused on improving my short stories as a tool to write a better novel. If I can write a story that pulls a reader in a few sentences, it will help me master the longer format as well. Thanks for you encouragement by noting my progress!

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