Winter Newsletter Releases Today With Sci-Fi Flash Fiction

My winter newsletter featuring a science fiction short story releases today. Comment below on your thoughts!

I’ve mulled a story idea involving the discovery of extra-terrestrial life for some time. So many possibilities exist. Advanced, intelligent aliens are the usual theme. But what about a world with animal life as intelligent are Earth’s critters, but no technologically adept being? Or a world simply containing microscopic life?

Or what about a scientific hoax? What would motivate researchers to lie about discovering life? Recent articles describe a problem with current scientific research. Far too many of the results published in various journals can’t be replicated. With the need to publish and attract funding, researchers could be tempted to rush through the process. Or tempted to fake the results. It has happened before. These prompted me to craft “Dark Maneuvers.” I hope you enjoyed it.

You can learn more about Saturn’s moon Enceladus at the NASA site.

2 thoughts on “Winter Newsletter Releases Today With Sci-Fi Flash Fiction

  1. I’m not into extraterrestial life an that sort of thing, but this read was very interesting. The article from NASA was an eye opener and the mention of Hershel in 1847 was intriguing. I’ll be glad to read your next post.

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