Popping Up for Air after Twenty Chapters

I feel like an old, WWII submarine popping to the surface to get fresh air. I’ve been head down working on my next book for several weeks. After twenty chapters, I’m taking a break to post. I’ve had other post ideas, newsletter ideas and a todo list for the website struggling for attention like baby birds wanting the worm. But the novel is the big chick crowding everything else out. I even overshot the window today to record and write my podcast by an hour.

I’m pleased with the project and hope to turn it over to beta readers in the middle of February. It feels like an improvement from my first novel. Speaking of my first novel, Growing Up Ozark Poor, continues the slow rounds of the agent search. I’ll be scouring market publications and anticipate sending it to others later this month.

Now, like that old submarine, I need to dive again. I need to launch the writing of more podcast episodes, like torpedoes seeking a target. I hear the klaxon . . . gotta go!

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