Armor of God – Podcast Episodes This Week

This week The Sparking Faith Podcast will focus on the armor of God in Ephesians chapter 6. Superheroes, stickers and sports help us understand how to approach the spiritual battle of life. Listen to each two-minute episode on your favorite podcast, or at the website

Speaking This Sunday at Refuge Christian

This Sunday, June 26, I will be filling the pulpit for Jeremiah Holcomb who is vacationing with his family. Jeremiah preaches for the Refuge Christian Church in Eudora, KS. My mother attends here. I’m looking forward to speaking on “Five Factors for Following Jesus.” The message is based on Luke 9:46-62.

Novel Progress Update

I just made progress on Growing Up Ozark Poor! So far I’m 20% complete on the Editing phase. [mybookprogress progress=”0.19927536231884058″ phase_name=”Editing” book=”1″ book_title=”Growing Up Ozark Poor” bar_color=”0066cc”]