Recommended: Spinward Fringe Series by Randolph Lalonde

A few years ago, I searched for an e-book to while away the hours flying over the Pacific. I discovered Spinward Fringe Origins by Randolph Lalonde. Great characters and action populate this series sci-fi space opera. The galaxy Lalonde builds includes many themes, including slavery, advanced technology, prescience and the storage and transference of consciousness. Of course, it has the sci-fi standards of advanced weaponry and FTL travel/communication. I was hooked. Every time business travel routed me over an ocean, I checked for the next installment. I have read 16 of the books and a couple of the spinoff stories.

This is not Christian science fiction. The worldview of the books and characters is humanistic, not biblical. However, the conflict definitely focuses on good vs. evil. Lalonde effectively paints both into his galaxy. If you’re looking for a sci-fi adventure, then check out Spinward Fringe. The first book is currently free on Amazon.

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