Reunions – Family, Food, Memories, Reminders

Last Saturday I attended my second family reunion of the summer. Another is scheduled later this month. I enjoy connecting with people at reunions. When we have a larger attendance, I must work hard to speak to everyone. Sometimes I can’t get to everyone, so my wife and I compare notes on the drive home.

Family reunions mean good food. Everyone pitches in to bring various dishes. We enjoyed homemade ice cream last Saturday. I always eat too much dessert. We’ve never run out of food, though we can run out of a thing or two (like ice cream!)

Reunions stir memories. Sometimes you reminisce with others about loved ones gone. At other times, a memory stirs silently in your own heart. I think one of the blessings of family reunions is remembering those who worked and loved and made the way for us.

Reunions also remind us of time and change. This summer I spoke to some I hadn’t seen for five years. For one person, it was even longer. A lot can change in five years. People age, children grow. Even catching up with those we saw a year ago revealed changes.

How I thank God for family. We don’t all agree on every topic. But we all agree to love each other.

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