Growing Up Ozark Poor Progress Update

Feeling good about my progress on Growing Up Ozark Poor! So far I’m 66% complete on the Editing phase. I made it through one section of major rework. Have a couple more to do.
[mybookprogress progress=”0.6630434782608695″ phase_name=”Editing” book=”1″ book_title=”Growing Up Ozark Poor” bar_color=”0066cc”]

My mantra is “Kill . . . show . . . deepen.” First, I seek to kill the passive voice. Second, the writing must “show, not tell” the action. And third, I’m trying to deepen the point of view of the main character, Jimmy. I’ve also decided Jimmy’s friend needs more “page time.”

1 thought on “Growing Up Ozark Poor Progress Update

  1. Editting is intensive work. I admire your determination to see this to is completion. I’m looking forward to the final results!

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