Recommended: Where Treasure Hides by Johnnie Alexander

My wife loves Johnnie Alexander books. She’s read most of them. Her favorite is the Where Treasure Hides published in 2013. While I read another of Johnnie’s books, she kept saying, “You should read her first one. It’s my favorite.” I recently finished it and loved it. Where Treasure Hides won the American Christian Fiction Writers Genesis contest in 2011 and the Golden Leaf Award in 2014. I recommend the book.

Set primarily in Britain and the Netherlands during World War II, the historical romance follows artist Alison Schuller and British officer Ian Devlin as they negotiate the twisted path of love in the midst of war. It sounds trite, but Alexander crafts a layered story of two complicated characters and their families. Alison works to preserve priceless art and Jewish orphans. Ian serves king and country. Although a romance, in places it feels like a thriller. Plot twists also contribute to an engaging and enjoyable read.

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  1. Listening to your wife every once in a while is good, right!!? Glad you also enjoyed Johnnie’s book.

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