Short Story: Climbing a Tree and ACFW update

Do you remember climbing your first tree? I climbed a small mimosa tree at my great aunties’ house when I was in early elementary school. I even tried to climb the big pines in their front yard while they watched, but was too small. Climbing a tree can give you a new perspective and a sense of accomplishment. As a teen, I climbed a tree just to relax in the swaying branches.

“Climbing a Tree” is a new short story releasing on Thursday. It is historical fiction set on the prairie of Missouri about a girl climbing her first tree. (Yes, back in the day, by the time you reached the western edge of Missouri you had reached the prairie.) However, this story has a twist.

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In August, I attended the ACFW conference in St. Louis. I made some new friends, learn much in some workshops and attended a reception for the semi-finalists in the different awards. I had a couple of good conversations with two agents and an editor. They helped me understand the traditional publishing market better.

I have two finished manuscripts and will be editing both. I’m twelve chapters into the draft of the second book in a biblical history novel. I’m also toying with a novella idea. My list of books to read keeps growing. Not enough time to it all and implement the workshops from the conference.

Speaking of workshops, one was all about how to serve your readers with a newsletter. I brought home a long list of things to do and accomplished some this week. If you are a subscriber already, you will see changes and more value in the newsletter. If you aren’t a subscriber, what are you waiting for? You get a free e-book of short stories and a new short story in every issue. Go ahead, subscribe!

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