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  • Have you heard about ROI? The acronym usually refers to return on investment, although I have also heard it used to indicate reliability of income.  Return on investment is an important concept for making investment decisions. A simple example is comparing the interest rates for different CDs or savings accounts. The higher the percentage rate, […]
  • Way back in time, I performed my own auto tune-ups. As a poor college student, I needed to stretch my pennies. I invested in a few tools, a timing light and the shop manual for my Japanese economy car. This was the era of points, plugs and condensers. The car would be an antique today. […]
  • I’m sure you have flipped a coin at one time or another, right? This method of random selection between two choices is used at the start of American-style football games to determine which team gets the ball first. It works because a coin can’t land as both heads and tails at the same time. They […]
  • Several years ago, my family toured a famous cave in southern Missouri. The outlaw Jesse James allegedly used the cave to escape pursuit and divide the loot with his gang, though that was in a hidden part of the cave. We entered through a large opening, with a gift shop inside. We crossed a dance […]
  • Have you ever been confused when people tell you something. I’m sure it has happened to you, right? When it happens, we usually ask questions to clarify or confirm the message. I remember as a teen, I misunderstood the instructions of the farmer I worked for. I didn’t stop to clarify things either. That day […]