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  • Many years ago, I was astounded by what my preschool child said. No, this is not a story of a precocious child uttering a statement beyond his years. Nor is it the story of an innocent, but humorous, conversation. I was astounded because I caught my son in a lie. So began my learning curve […]
  • I used to live near a Civil War battlefield in southeastern Missouri. Residents of the county were proud of their history. They pointed to the county courthouse and the patched holes caused by cannon balls from Confederate artillery. Did you know the ancient Romans had artillery? No, they didn’t have cannons that fired projectiles which […]
  • Take a moment and place your hand over your heart. Do you feel it beating? Do you know what a marvel your heart is?  In a YouTube video called “The Miracle of the Human Heart Explained by Biologist Michael Denton”* we learn the following: Your heart started beating while you were still in the womb. […]
  • Have you ever been told something you absolutely believed was false? Of course, you have. We all have been lied to, some of us more than others. Such experiences leave us skeptical of other people. We hear something outlandish and we refuse to believe. We exclaim, “No way” and shake our heads. Some people react […]
  • Do you like puzzles? At our house, the puzzles come out around the winter holidays. Pieces are sorted and assembled, often over multiple hours or days.  Some puzzles are quick. Others are difficult because of the multiple shades of color used across the picture. But persistence eventually finds the place for every piece and the […]